Scheduling reimagined, payments simplified.

Runara helps make your daily admin operations the smallest part of running your business.

Classes & Appointments

Create recurring classes and one-time appointments - all with flexible staffing and pricing options as well as user-friendly cancellations.

Passes & Memberships

Give your clients the freedom to frequent your business as they please. Automated recurring payments and optional check-ins make it a breeze.

Packages & Products

Offer your clients discounts on bundled items as well as the ability to purchase products in-person using their existing payment accounts.

Unlimited Promo Codes

Create engaging campaigns and attractive offers to clients with unlimited promo codes - each offering their own discounts and limitations.

Time-Tracking & Payroll

Ensure your staff get their due. Runara offers painless time-tracking as well as generated reports for submitting your payroll.

Room to Grow

We're ready to grow with you. Pay only for the staff and locations you need, with the comfort of easily being able to add as needed.


Do more with less.

No hidden fees or contracts and plenty of room to grow.


Designed for personal trainers and other professionals that are not tied to a brick-and-mortar location.


20-day Free Trial
Unlimited Locations
1 Staff Member


Built for businesses that thrive on their single location or currently have less than 5 locations.


20-day Free Trial
1 Location
10 Staff Members
Classes & Appointments
Packages & Promos
Passes & Products


Crafted for businesses that are rapidly growing and have multiple locations and ever-increasing staff.


20-day Free Trial
5 Locations
Unlimited Staff Members
Classes & Appointments
Packages & Promos
Passes & Products


It's the little things...

Small features are often more important than the big ones.

Quick Actions

Perform check-ins, bookings and purchases without having to abandon your current task.

Guest Checkout

Clients can purchase products product without having to create an account.

Print Iteneraries

Quickly let your staff know their agenda for the day.

Data Export

Download your hard-earned data at any time at no extra cost.

Campaign Integration

Runara integrates your client list with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and Constant Contact.


Keep your brand consistent by customizing your email backgrounds, logos and more.